Testaments for Version 4

This looks fantastic! Anita This is going to be very useful! Trevor We've just produced our first timetables and we love them! Jan

What they said about Version 3

I love the programme and it has been really useful in making my scheduling stress free. Joey This is a brilliant piece of coding! No more spending almost an entire day trying to put together complicated timetables, or gazing at demo versions of non-suited and expensive school timetabling software. Thank you! Greg Your rotating timetable program is great! Sam
Thank you for the update of your timetable which I find invaluable at the start of the school year. Céline Thank you so much for making this, it is amazing and I have been looking for something like this for ages! Holly Thanks again for the great work!Greg This looks potentially brilliant! Chris You have transformed my life! I have been drowning in paperwork the last few weeks, having gone from 2 days teaching to 5. Music teachers are always the last to know of any changes in school calender. This keeps every thing in one place, is easy to adjust and is so easy to use (I'm a complete technophobe). Thank you so so much for your generosity and for making it public. Liz Love the site, absolute game changer! Jeremy