Chapman's Handy Teachers' Weekly Rotating Timetable Generator

First of all you need to provide some basic information. Edit the prefilled form below.

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Enter pupils' names

One name per line

Date of first lesson

Enter as words eg March 2nd

Total no of weeks in term

Including half term

Numbers of missed weeks, separated by commas

E.g. if you're away for the second week, and half term is week 6, enter 2,6

Enter your lesson times

One per line

Rotation period

This is the minimum number of weeks a pupil must wait before having another lesson at the same time.

Timetable fill mode (may not apply if any rules are set on the next page)


Normal: pupils come one lesson later each week.
Skip: pupils come two lessons later each week, which should mean they don't miss any part of the same lesson on consecutive weeks.
Random: as it says.

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